Don’t gamble with quality

How understanding stakeholders optimises your testing strategy and the software you end up with. In my experience working as a Senior QA consultant at Triad, I have seen many organisations consider Quality Assurance (QA) only as an additional cost in the project and ignore the intrinsic value that it brings to software quality. The mainContinue reading “Don’t gamble with quality”

How to setup OWASP ZAP to scan your web application for security vulnerabilities

Recently, I had an opportunity to work alongside my excellent team mates from Triad and the Department for Transport (DfT) as a QA practice lead, developing the new Manage Motor Fuel Greenhouse Gas Emissions service for GOV.UK. For this project, we wanted to strengthen our in-house penetration testing (pen test) capability to enable us toContinue reading “How to setup OWASP ZAP to scan your web application for security vulnerabilities”

Why are Agile ceremonies important for Quality Assurance?

As Agile becomes the default approach to software development, it’s easy to start going through the motions without paying too much attention to the underlying rationale and beginning to let some of the steps slip. In my experience as a Test Automation lead working with a variety of Triad clients helping them produce higher qualityContinue reading “Why are Agile ceremonies important for Quality Assurance?”