About me

Hi! I’m Venugopal Botla

I’m a passionate QA and Test Automation practice lead, based in Milton Keynes. Working alongside customers to understand their businesses and technology challenges as part of a specialist team that ensures projects are a success.

My past roles include: Software QA Lead in Comic Relief, QA Developer in Inspired Gaming Group, Senior Test Automation Engineer in Moonfruit, QA Tester in LSA Consulting.

I’m experienced in developing test automation frameworks to support releases with CI/CD pipelines, implementing QA best practices and leading QA teams within the public, private and third sectors.

I helped organisation to implement QA process in agile teams, integrating testing at each stage of the software development life cycle and preparing automation test strategies to support CI/CD pipelines.

My special interest is in making web applications more accessible. In my current role at Triad, I have created an Accessibility Empathy Lab to raise awareness about accessibility and help the development teams to understand and embrace the accessibility standards. My other interests include teaching, traning and mentoring QA’s, presentations and blogging.

I’m also passionate about exploring new testing tools and technologies.

Connect with me on LinkIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/venugopal-botla/

Follow me on Twitter: @BotlaVenugopal

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